Frequently Asked Questions          

Q: Can I order duplicate designs?
A: Jamie's Classy Bags designs are individually  and uniquely hand-crafted and therefore no two are exactly identical. However, every effort will be made to fill your order and make them as alike as possible.

Q: When will my item arrive?
A: I am dedicated to delivering your items in a timely manner. However, please allow 1 to 5 days for delivery.

Q: Will my item look exactly as pictured online?
A: Yes, You will be purchasing the actual design you see. Although some prints I offer can be duplicated. If the picture shown is a sample of an item that can be made to order you will be informed of this.

Q: Do you actually make these designs yourself?
A: Yes, all of my creations are conceived and meticulously designed by me personally.

Q: If I see a tote bag or purse I like but will want more than one of the same design, can you make a duplicate?
A: In most instances I will be able to make a duplicate however, trims and colors may be slightly different.




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